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【影片名称】:偷窥狂和暴露狂 El mirón y la exhibicionista 中文字幕[欧美R级限制级电影高清稀缺资源] 






    世界知名的艺术大师赫苏斯·弗朗哥 Jesus Franco杰作之一,本影片属罕见资源


Taking cover in the shadows of his apartment in a fashionable and luxurious hotel complex, a mysterious man is impatiently searching for his next thrilling and intense excitement, completely dependent on his binoculars. Sooner or later, the lascivious loner will find the ephemeral object of his desire, when suddenly, the opportunity will present itself in the opposite flat's balcony where an unaware sensuous lonely woman will grab his attention. But the ignorant and defenceless victim is on to him, and even though her window curtains are wide open, the sultry woman will decide to engage in a strange and succulently alluring power game, shamelessly teasing the amorphous voyeur knowing that she is in control. As long as she plays him like a puppet, offering a flamboyant and unrestrained show for the remote admirer's eyes only, the intrusive pervert will stay put and worship her, trembling at the idea that this rampant show may abruptly end as unexpectedly as it started.

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